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  • Our experts’ marketing turning point stories and the concrete steps they took to get to lasting 6 and 7-figure success
  • Ways to get some of the big corporations whose products and services you recommend, to back and fully sponsor your marketing efforts without needing to have a huge following
  • Key action steps for effectively branding yourself through elements such as your copy, online presence (i.e. website), and public image
  • The #1 Mistake every entrepreneur makes when doing a marketing launch and what you can do instead



Here is a snapshot of the 12 interviews:


Jane Head Shot 1x

May 59a PT / 12p ET
Client Conversion Magic

Discover how to grow your list and close more sales with assessment marketing












Maribel copy_xMay 5 4p PT / 7p ET
3 Keys to Successful Online Launches to Quickly Grow YOUR 6-Figure Business

Why nourishing connections and relationships with your potential ideal clients is much more crucial than the technical side of business (the ‘infrastructure’) when you are first launching





shannon copy_xMay 69a PT / 12p ET
Get Your Marketing Completely Paid For (and then some) Through Sponsorship

Ways to get big corporations behind you via sponsorship, and she emphasizes the experiences you want your people to have when you show up with authentic marketing






sage_framed2xMay 64p PT / 7p ET
Be An Espritpreneur: Heart-Centered Spirit-Guided Marketing

Learn how to tap into Spirit and Source to share and market your gifts – without being salesy – by centering heart and harnessing practical strategies you uniquely need as a holistic, creative business owner




Ritamarie Loscalzo copy_xMay 79a PT / 12p ET
How to Supercharge your System to Avoid Burnout while Building your Business

Dr. Ritamarie reveals how to authentically step into and embody what you practice so that you generate the wellness and energy that keeps ideal clients coming back to you







Karen McMillan1May 712p PT / 3p ET
How to Thrive (Not Strive) In Your Marketing

Why the quality (not quantity) of lists matter in building your community. Karen digs into the secrets of tapping into feminine energy to optimize time management for clearing your blocks and creating








Nathalie Chapron_cropped copy_xMay 74p PT / 7p ET
Discover the Top 3 Secrets to Having Other People Send You Clients and Fill Your Practice…With Ease

Nathalie reveals how you can develop your Know, Like & Trust factor to get the referrals you want from happy clients and to key in on the business partners and affiliates who will promote you and your offerings




Vanessa Horn copy_xMay 89a PT / 12p ET
How to Become Top In Your Industry Without Burning Out, Selling Out, or Losing Out

Tips to creating your personal Hell Yes! list, where you identify your deepest desires and wants, and how to channel your list to direct intentions & outcomes for your business





JessWebb-MainHeadshot - high resxxMay 84p PT / 7p ET
3 Steps to an Irresistible Website that Makes Your Heart Sing AND Attracts Your Perfect Soulmate Clients

Web-Marketing Goddess Jess leads you through key action steps to building an irresistible website where your potential clients know & remember who you are AND want to work with you




catrice_xMay 99a PT / 12p ET
Sales Secrets for Selling the Sizzle Before You Sell the Steak

Catrice talks branding and tips & secrets to using all 5 senses to help people get a taste of who you are with your online presence, copy, and in-person interactions








Michele PW copy_xMay 94p PT / 7p ET
3 Keys to Writing Copy that Attracts, Inspires, and Invites Your Ideal Prospects to Become Ideal Clients

Michele guides you on 3 keys to writing authentic, winning, and effective copy that draws in prospects, inspires their “Yes,” and invites them to want to work with you





allison_framed2xxMay 109a PT / 12p ET
Before You Can Stand in Your Genius, You Have to Know What It Is

The 3 critical differences between what works for hands-on practitioners and what marketers teach, and alternatives that center your unique needs and voice as a holistic practitioner




Plus your exclusive bonus with me as I take the virtual stage & reveal insights about putting on this virtual summit

tomasa pic frame_gold _smallMAY 10 4p PT / 7p ET
3 Keys to Aligning Yourself with the Correct JV Partners so that Your Message is Clear and Authentic

Learn the behind-the-scenes of creating a launch that amplifies in reach as time progresses, and what the different results of cold leads and warm leads from affiliates are. Tomasa takes you through key points in choosing the affiliates (promotional partners) who are in alignment with you


Alicia WatersThank you so much Tomasa for sharing your brilliance on aligned JV partners. Also thanks again for hosting this summit. It was truly amazing.

Alicia Waters

Demi SchneiderI just want to say a huge THANK YOU for putting this summit together - it has been inspirational and life transforming for me, learning and understanding all this new stuff - and best of all from such sincere women who make it all seem doable. I have just come off the phone from a teleseminar run by a very successful man in the publishing world about marketing one's own book. Whilst I've learned things, it's left me cold and feeling it's a little bit out of reach, whereas all the women who have shared so generously in your program have left me feeling so energised and empowered and already successful with strategies forming!

Demi Schneider

Andrea Sea Feb 2013 1aYou gave me an "Aha!!!" magic life-changing moment! But I just HAD to tell you, one thing you said during your interview of Jess Webb turned my whole mind around regarding "list building". Up until that moment, my gut reaction to the whole "list building" thing was that it *turns my stomach*, ugh, I hated the whole idea.

Then you said some magic words, and called it "Community Building" instead of list building, and I didn't just have an "Aha!" moment, it was a heart-turns-on, "oh yes, I can get on board with that" in my gut "Yay!!!" feeling!!!

So thank you for that. I am now excited about engaging weekly via email and more often via Facebook and Twitter with my "Community", and I have a feeling that like your list, many friends will drop off because they're not interested in what my community is interested in, but my community will grow full of people who *are* interested in what I have to offer, and it will really be a community, and be *fun*!!!

Andrea Sea


Imagine how it would feel to have the tools in place to make marketing truly help you, instead of hinder you. What changes manifest from this liberation? What would that mean to you? Your business? Your vision? The world?

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Learn how to claim access to the Virtual Event, Included: Free MP3 Download of How to Easily Build Your First Profitable List Building Machine in Just One Afternoon

We hate SPAM! Rest assured that we will honor and respect your information by not sharing, selling, or trading your information with anyone. Scout's honor!

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